Recent Before & After Photos

Mold after Hurricane Harvey

Our SERVPRO team traveled to Houston, Texas to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Our SERVPRO team was down there for at least three weeks doing every... READ MORE

Drying water after storm

These photos took place after a storm hit various parts of Kentucky. In this house, there were many areas of the floor affected by the water from the storm. Som... READ MORE

Storms in Wisconsin and Illinois

At the beginning of July, severe storms hit southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. The storms were so devastating that SERVPRO was called to help deal with t... READ MORE

Hurricane in Lumberton, North Carolina

SERVPRO was called to Lumberton, North Carolina last year in October to fix the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. The hurricane hit the eastern coast in late Sept... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Cleveland, Ohio

In late June, SERVPRO traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to tackle the aftermath of the severe storms. The area experienced severe flooding. There were areas in the st... READ MORE

Clean up at local dance studio

At this local dance studio, SERVPRO was called to clean up a small mess. This local business had a toilet overflow and SERVPRO was happy to answer the call and ... READ MORE

Malfunctions can cause Mold

SERVPRO traveled out of town to fix this customer's property. In this case, some severe water damage led to mold creeping onto their kitchen floor. This mold re... READ MORE

Molded wall in closet

During this job, SERVPRO responded to a toilet supply line that burst. The water in the line impacted the entire property. The damage ranged all over the house.... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a local home

These are before and after pictures from a house that was impacted by some local storms at the beginning of the summer. In June, our local area faced a lot of h... READ MORE

Rebuilding a home after fire damage

In March there was a local fire. This fire affected a house in our area. After the firemen left, SERVPRO arrived on the scene. Due to the size of the fire, ther... READ MORE